Phenomenal matches for the Astrologically inclined.

Matchmaking through the use of both Western and Chinese astrology.

Why 12 of Hearts?

We believe that finding a Phenomenal match for a client is first and foremost good medicine.

Have you ever thought about how your emotional state is affected by either your partnership or lack of partnership? How does this affect your relationships with your co-workers, your family, and your peers? How does your partnership (or lack of) affect your physical health?

People who are "in love" are happy and vibrant. They radiate health, and the rest of us feel "attracted" to them. Individuals who are happy with their partnership status feel more confident and sure of themselves. They feel like they are rooted and have purpose. In short, they don't have to worry about finding a partner. They can trust that their partner will be there for them. This means that they can go out into the world with confidence and do the work that they are here to do.

The current thought of online dating is that if you are matched by your interests or by what you write in your profile, it will guarantee you a compatible match. We don't agree with this line of reasoning. As we age, our interests change. Thus, basing a match based solely on interests alone, may not be the best choice to provide lasting compatibility.

Like other websites, we will have you fill out a profile to track your interests. Once our Astrological algorithm has run, you can use your profile to filter your results based on your interests. Using the Astrology first, and giving you the control to narrow or expand your focus as much as you want, we think provides the recipe for successful matching.

The key difference between 12 of Hearts and other dating services is that we match our customers based on stategies that have been used successfully for thousands of years.

We don't need a team of psychologists to tell us about how people fall in love. It has been documented quite well in a number of different cultures such as East India, China, Greece, Rome, etc. The answer to finding a harmonious match is in the Astrology of each individual.

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